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Who is Tower Systems?

We are an Australia POS software company developing specialist POS software for selected specialty retail businesses: gift shops, jewellers, bike shops, garden centres, nurseries, book shops, toy shops, produce stores, adult shops, newsagencies and music shops.

What do people use the Tower software for?

The Tower POS software is POS software tailored for each specific marketplace. It does far roe than average, generic, POS software.

Why would I use the Visual Deck?

To get a fresh view of the business, to easily compare trading periods, to open you to seeing you business differently. Most important: to manage for a more successful future.

Why is it called the Visual Deck?

It is visual because, well, your business data is presented in a visual way. It is a deck because it is a platform off of which you can see far and wide. It is a perfect place to see what you cannot see when you are on the ground.

How often is my data updated?

Data is uploaded every 10 minutes. So the data you are viewing on the visual deck is almost live.

How much of my data is shown on the Retailer Visual Deck?

We will on initial install upload 2 years worth of data. If you have not been trading for the full 2 years then all your data will be uploaded.

How long will the data upload take to complete?

This is dependent on your internet connection and the size of your data. For the initial upload this is separated into 24 monthly parts to make the upload as fast as possible.

On average these parts are about 3mb in size which take about 3 minutes to upload on a standard ADSL2 connection. So the upload should be finished in about an hour. The smaller incremental files will be uploaded in a matter of seconds.

Is my data Secure?

Yes, your data is stored securely on our servers. We will not share it with anyone.

What specifications do we recommend?

>For the best performance and experience, make sure you have the latest version of your preferred browser. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

How do i access the Visual Deck?

To access the Visual Deck, you must have an active subscription. You can then login with your Tower Advantage account details.