Retailer Visual Deck

Business intelligence platform for small business retailers

Business intelligence platform for small business retailers

The Visual Deck from Tower Systems is a platform from which small business retailers can see the performance of their business, visually, from anywhere.

Developed to integrate with the Tower Systems small business POS software, the Visual Deck is a small business focussed business intelligence platform.

Using graphs, year on year comparisons and easily understood KPIs, the Visual Deck shows the direction of the business. By doing this visually rather than in the traditional report format, it is easy for small business retailers to see the direction of their business. This helps guide better business decisions.

The key performance indicators the Visual deck reports on include gross profit, transactions, revenue, units sold, average transaction value, average item value. These KPIs can be compared year on year for the whole year, by month or by day.

The selections of the data to be viewed from the deck are made easily, without the need for specialist computer knowledge. It is easy to switch views, too, to allow you to follow a path of discovery to a better understanding of the business.

The graphical views can be changed, too. You can select the chart style from column, area, bar and line charts. This enhances the user experience to make the reports even more customisable.

Accessible from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, accessing the Visual Deck for any business is easy. It is secure too with user managed password access to ensure safe access from anywhere.

Business Intelligence is a common term used to sexy up business software reporting. The Tower Systems BI platform, the Visual Deck, is 100% small business outcome focussed. It is a genuine business intelligence platform designed solely for the small business retailer.

At its heart, the Visual Deck is retail business performance, seen differently.

The Visual Deck is a platform through which any small business retailer in any location near or far from their business can see the performance of their business, visually. Graphs replace reports, making trends obvious and a path ahead clearer to follow. Graphs that change with time and through which you can dive deeper into what is happening in your business.